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Types of Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques

Breast reduction surgery, commonly known as mammoplasty, is done to remove the extra fat, glandular tissue, sagginess, or stretched skin to decrease the weight and size of the breast. This is a very effective procedure to reduce the back pain and discomfort which is caused due to heavy breasts.

Moreover, this procedure is also preferred because of aesthetic reasons. This surgery can give the right shape to the breast and thus make it look more symmetrical and youthful.

There are three common techniques known for breast reduction surgery. Read this article to learn about these techniques. 

Breast reduction surgery techniques

Liposuction, Inverted T(Anchor) breast reduction, and Vertical breast reduction (Lollipop) are three techniques that are commonly known. However, the best breast reduction surgeon in Delhi decides the right procedure based on your requirement and body fitness. Here is brief information about each:

Liposuction breast reduction surgery:

Liposuction surgery is the quickest and less invasive method of breast reduction which ensures lasting results and minimal scars. This technique is preferred when there are fewer or moderate changes that need to be done in the breast size and also when your breast tissue is fatty and has good elasticity.

When this technique is used for size reduction, the overall shape, contour of the breast, position of the nipple, and areola remain the same.

However, if you want to lift your breast or modify its symmetry and shape, then you should go for other techniques. Each technique of breast reduction surgery cost in Delhi is different from others.

Vertical breast reduction surgery:

Vertical breast reduction, or the lollipop method, needs two incisions. One incision is done at the edge of the areola, and another one is done from the lower edge of the areola to the crease under the breast. This procedure results in more scarring; however, those scars are under the breast, so it is concealed by the clothing and the shape of the breast.

This technique is best for people looking for a mild to moderate reduction in their breast size or for people who have saggy breasts and want to lift the breast tissue. The breast gets narrower, restructured, and lifted so that the nipple and areola can be shifted to a natural position.

Inverted T (Anchor) breast reduction:

In this technique, the incisions are made similar to the vertical reduction, but an additional incision is made that follows the crease under the breast. This method leads to more scars, but the scars can be concealed by the shape of the breast and clothes.

In this method, greater tissues are removed, and extensive reshaping is done. This procedure is best for people who have noticeable sagging or need a significant reduction in their breast size. However, this method requires a long recovery time. 

Wrap up-

The bottom line is that there isn’t any right or best technique of breast reduction that supersedes others. Each method has its benefit, and thus the method performed on a patient depends on their individual goals and needs. Various factors decide the preferred method.

However, largely it depends on the breast anatomy and the amount of tissue required to be removed to achieve the desired result. If you are looking for breast reduction surgery in Delhi, then you can consult IPACT Center to get the best surgery done.

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