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Risks and Problems Followed by Gynecomastia Surgery 

Gynecomastia is a prevalent medical condition affecting a significant number of males. In this condition, the tissues of the male breast become overly large, giving the appearance of female breasts. That’s why it is also called male boobs.

The condition is a source of embarrassment, concern, and low self-esteem. The number of men choosing male breast reduction surgery to get rid of this condition has increased over the years. However, like any other surgery, even it comes with risks and problems.

Instead of worrying and pushing the surgery for years, all you have to do is consult cosmetic surgeons in the national capital of India, Delhi and learn more about it. The decision to undergo gynecomastia surgery in Delhi can help you achieve better results. The doctors make sure you know about the risks and problems before the procedure so that you can make an informed decision.

Here, we bring to you some of the most common risks and problems that can arise after male breast reduction surgery.

Risk of developing contour irregularities of the chest or the nipple area

While the risk of developing this condition exists, an experienced and trained surgeon can minimize it. To achieve smooth contour, the areola and its surrounding skin should have the same thickness. Beneath the skin is a layer of fat deposits on all chests – thicker in fat and thinner in slim people.

During the gynecomastia surgery, a surgeon creates an incision to reach out to the areola to remove it without making a visible depression. While removing the entire gland, experienced surgeons slide some surrounding fat, thus removing gynecomastia without compromising the thickness. Though the chances of minor irregularities exist, they are not noticeable. Generally, patients are satisfied with the results of this procedure. 

Constant Pain

Be prepared to experience pain and discomfort followed by the surgery. Your chosen cosmetic surgeon will prescribe medications to minimize pain, ensuring smooth recovery. The intensity of pain a patient suffers varies. In some rare cases, gynecomastia patients suffer chronic pain because of the stretching of breast tissue or the nerves that are trapped in the scar tissue. 

Risks of Developing Infection

Chances of developing infections after male breast reduction are unlikely. Usually, surgeons prescribe antibiotics to decrease the possibility of infection. Make sure seromas or hematomas are drained frequently if required. Undrained collection of fluid can increase the possibility of developing an infection. If you observe or feel any change in the surgical site, consult your surgeon immediately. 

Poor healing of a wound

You can expect delayed healing of the wound after this surgery. While some parts around the treated areas might heal quickly, others might take a lot of time. In rare cases, some areas might become unresponsive. In this situation, frequent change of dressing is needed. Due to this condition, even the need for follow-up surgery might arise to remove the dead or unhealed tissue. 

The possibility of this condition can occur in smokers. Not only might you experience skin loss but also poor healing of the wound. Your surgeon might ask you to quit smoking a few weeks before the procedure to reduce these risks.

Unfortunately, no surgery comes without complications. However, male breast reduction surgery is counted among one of the safest surgeries. The experience of your surgeon performing this surgery also suppresses some risks and side effects.

At IPACT Clinic, we employ the advanced and safest techniques to perform this procedure. We make sure our patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Visit us and learn more about gynecomastia surgery in Delhi.

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