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Now you can Increase the Size or Reshape Your Breasts!

Breast augmentation refers to a cosmetic procedure intended to change the shape or enlarge the breasts. Every year, about 300,000 American undergo breast augmentation to improve their breasts in terms of shape, size, and symmetry. 

Many women may consider breast augmentation, following pregnancy, or excessive weight loss as it also helps them deal with uneven breasts. Our best breast augmentation surgeon in Delhi may help you gain your self-esteem or confidence due to the unwanted size or shape of your breasts. They also hold expertise in other breast-related cosmetic procedures like breast lift, breast reduction, and others.  

Types of breast augmentation

We have experienced plastic surgeon in Delhi who is well-versed in all types of breast augmentation types. They may choose from the most popular methods of breast augmentation which are fat transfer and breast implants. 

Further Breast Implants may be divided into types such as round breast implants, silicone breast implants, saline breast implants, structured saline breast implants, form-stable breast implants, smooth breast implants, and fat transfer breast augmentation. 

Our expert cosmetic surgeons in Delhi will choose the best option depending on your body type and your expectations from a breast augmentation procedure. 

Preparing for breast augmentation 

People considering breast augmentation will first have to appear for a pre-surgery consultation meeting. The meeting will involve a discussion on your expectations from the surgery and to see if your expectations are realistic and achievable. 

Our surgeons in Delhi may also order some medical tests and perform a physical examination to ensure you are the right candidate for the surgery. 

Our plastic surgeon in Delhi will also ask you questions related to your family and medical history or if you have any chronic medical conditions or allergies, especially related to anesthesia. He will also ask you questions about your lifestyle if you smoke, drink, or do drugs. You may also have to answer related to your physical health status or if you have a history of breast cancer or other similar problems. 

The meeting will also allow you to clarify your doubts or queries about the breast augmentation procedure. You can also enquire about the experience and expertise of the surgeon as well as the services you will be getting before, during, and after the procedure. 

We expect this important meeting to be a candid discussion on anything and everything concerning breast augmentation surgery in any manner. And, we hope you will make of this opportunity as we will be happy to address your queries related to our other allied procedures as well like breast lift, breast reduction, and other cosmetic procedures.

Dos and Don’ts before and after the breast augmentation



  • Get all blood tests done as asked
  • Adjust your present medications
  • Follow your doctor’s advice
  • Eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated
  • Stay positive and set realistic goals


  • Avoid certain foods or beverages.
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid aspirin and some specific anti-inflammatory drugs



  • Arrange for a drive back home after the procedure
  • Abide to the follow-up meeting schedule
  • Take medications as directed
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions about self-care


  • Limit your activity level until stitches are removed
  • Avoid heavy lifting for at least four weeks.
  • Don’t participate in sports for up to six weeks

Possible risks associated with breast augmentation

  • Infection or Bleeding
  • Increased sensitivity or soreness in the nipple region
  • Swelling, bruising and bleeding.
  • Wound healing issues.
  • Hematoma (accumulation of blood in the surgical area)

Cost of breast augmentation in Delhi

The breast augmentation cost may vary according to the surgeon’s experience, services offered, location of the clinic/hospital, and need for other surgeries like breast lift, liposuction, or others. At IPACT Medical Center, we offer the best breast augmentation cost in Delhi without compromising on quality.

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