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Can Gynecomastia be treated with Liposuction Only?

Many men suffer from enlarged male breasts – a condition in which the size of male breasts grows, affecting their overall appearance. It is a hormonal condition that affects men in their adolescence.

In this condition, there is growth in the breast gland, and tissue develops consequently. This development is responsible for enlarged chests in men that can become a source of embarrassment and insecurity.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this condition through liposuction surgery in Delhi. When done by an experienced and trained surgeon, the results of this surgery are outstanding.

The advanced and sophisticated VASER and MicroAire technology available at cosmetic surgery center like IPACT allow for safer and promising results. These minimally invasive techniques have proved to be a blessing for men suffering from this condition. You can get excellent results with minimal scarring.

How is Gynecomastia Treated with Liposuction?

Since the condition involves tissue and gland development, you can get rid of it only surgically. In some cases, after trying over-the-counter products, ointments, and medicines, patients resort to gynecomastia surgery. Cosmetic surgeons today use advanced ultrasound-assisted and power-assisted liposuction technology to achieve the best results.

The surgeon makes a 3-4mm incision on the side of the chest to insert the MicroAire – a PAL device with a power-assisted cannula for reaching the breast gland. This cannula moves back and forth rapidly, breaking down the excess tissue and gland so that it suctions out.

The procedure is followed with VASER – the UAL device packed with an ultrasound-assisted cannula. The team of surgeons at the IPact clinic target the areas from where the excess tissue and gland were removed and heat the skin from beneath using this cannula. The generated heat shrinks the skin over the new pectoral contours giving gorgeous and natural-looking results after the Gynecomastia surgery. 

The use of PAL and UAL techniques allows for an unmatched level of safety and precision. Therefore, recovering from this procedure is also not difficult. However, these techniques are highly effective in treating gynecomastia only during the first three stages of the condition. 

Can liposuction procedures treat gynecomastia in men?

Skin excision might also be performed among men with excess skin in the targeted area. Cosmetic surgeons also use advanced frequency radiofrequency tightening technology for severe conditions. This particular device generates more heat compared to VASER with more control allowing the skin to shrink better. However, if the male breasts are so enlarged that they resemble female breasts, the excision is the only way to reduce their size.

IPACT is one of the leading cosmetic surgery center in Delhi. The cosmetic surgeons at our clinic use the best technique to avoid making any scar on the chest.

We have some of the best cosmetic surgeons with expertise in performing gynecomastia. Our surgeons understand that scars can hinder the confidence of patients. Thus they use the best approach while performing the surgery.

For gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, we use the latest techniques and technology to optimize results, minimize trauma and scarring and provide excellent results.

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