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Get the best cost of breast lift surgery in Delhi / mastopexy surgery in Delhi at IPACT Center, rejuvenate their figures and look and feel youthful and uplifted, a breast lift can help them by the best breast lift surgeon in New Delhi, Vasant Vihar, South Delhi (India).

A woman’s breasts undergo significant changes over time due to several factors, which may make them lose their normal shape and firmness. The women who want to rejuvenate their figures and look and feel youthful and uplifted, a breast lift can help them.  

A breast lift or mastopexy is a cosmetic surgical procedure to elevate the breasts. Our expert cosmetic surgeons can expertly eliminate excess skin and tighten the surrounding tissue. They can help you get the desired breast profile by further reshaping and supporting the new breast contour. A breast lift can help you reduce the enlarged areola. 

If you’re considering getting breast lift surgery, it’s important that you choose a right clinic and plastic surgeon that you’re comfortable with. There are plenty of great breast lift clinic in Delhi, so you should have no problem finding one that meets your needs. Here at our website, we’ll be covering topics like breast lift in Delhi, benefits of breast lift surgery, the cost of breast lift surgery, and the best breast lift results. You can visit us online or give us a call to learn more about what we have to offer.

What Are the Possible Causes of Sagging Breasts?

A number of factors, including aging, tend to strip your breasts of their natural firmness, elasticity, and youthful appearance, which may bother you. However, you needn’t worry as you can regain your youthful appearance with a breast lift.

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Let’s first discuss some of the major factors contributing to unpleasant changes in your breasts and that our breast lift surgeon can correct it safely.

Aging: Aging in women causes the breast tissue ligaments to stretch and lose their elasticity. It, in turn, negatively affects the breast fullness as the underlying support system of tissue and fat is compromised. The process may particularly pick pace during and after menopause.

Weight fluctuations: Changes in your weight may also contribute to unnecessary stretching of your breast skin, which may lead to loss of elasticity and firmness.

Pregnancy: You can’t do much about it as pregnancy and lactation (for a good cause though) will put pressure on the ligaments supporting your breasts. This stretch when your breasts are fuller and heavier tends to make your breasts saggy. 

While we will not advise you to stress about it at a time when you are enjoying motherhood, we can take care of it when it’s the right time. You can consult our experienced cosmetic surgeons in Delhi about the usefulness of a breast lift to resume the youthful contour again. 

Lack of Proper Support to Breasts: Be it the life or breasts, support is mandatory. In the absence of a supportive bra, especially post-adolescence, it is important to support the breasts to maintain breast shape and lift. Women who are into sports or are involved in a rigorous workout may face a problem of saggy breasts in later stages if they were not considerate about it earlier. 

Gravitational Pull: Gravity also plays its part when it comes to saggy and hanging breasts, especially when women have larger breasts or have crossed the 40 age mark. It happens because gravity takes a toll on breasts and causes the ligaments to stretch and sag.

Be it any reason, if you are struggling with sagging or drooping breasts, our expert breast lift surgeons can help you reduce sagging, attain fullness, raise the position of the nipples and reduce the size of the areolae.

Who is the Right Candidate for Breast Lift?

You can consider a breast lift to uplift your figure if:

  • You have sagging breasts and they have lost volume and shape or have become longer and flatter 
  • One of your breasts hangs lower than the level of the other
  • Your nipples fall below your breast creases (when the breasts are unsupported)
  • Your areolae and nipples are directed downward

At the same time, it is advised to prevent or delay breast lift if:

  • You’re considering pregnancy in the future
  • You’re breast-feeding 

It is important to note that our expert cosmetic surgeons can perform a breast lift on breasts of any size. However, women with larger breasts to more likely to develop sagging breasts again as compared to women with smaller sagging breasts.  Sometimes, a breast lift won’t be enough to change the size of your breasts drastically. In this case, you can consider a breast lift in combination with breast reduction or breast augmentation for desired results. 

What are the Risks Associated with Breast Lift?

Like other major surgeries, a breast lift comes up with certain risks such as infection, bleeding, and possible side effects of anesthesia. 

In addition, it also offers other risks including:

Allergic Reactions: Chances of an allergic reaction, possibly due to the materials used pre and post-surgery

Scarring: Scars may stay take a time of one to two years to soften or fade away. 

Changes in breast sensation: Initially, you may experience loss of sensation in breasts but it will return within several weeks. And of course, the Erotic sensation isn’t compromised.

Asymmetry in the size and shape of the breasts: In rare cases, the breasts may grow asymmetrical due to changes during the healing process. 

Difficulty breast-feeding: It’s a very rare side-effect as almost all women can breast-feed after a breast lift.

How Can You Prepare for Breast Lift?

Our best breast lift surgeon in Delhi will help prepare for a breast lift in the pre-surgery meeting with you. Our experienced plastic surgeon will likely discuss with you the following important things:

Your Medical History: Be ready for questions regarding your current and past medical conditions. This will help our plastic surgeons in Delhi to assess if they can safely and effectively perform breast lift surgery on you.

Make sure, you help them with the complete details of any medications you’re taking or have taken in the past. Also, they would require information about any surgeries you’ve had.

Your Physical Examination: To see if you are the right candidate for a breast lift, the doctor will require examining your breasts, which may include seeing the position of your nipples and areolae. It is an important step in the view that it defines the outcome of the surgery. In case, you have had mammography or breast biopsies in the past, it is important to share the same with your doctor.

Discussion on the Expectations: Your doctors may ask questions about your expectations from the surgery. It is important because it helps our plastic surgeons in Delhi have a clear picture of the risks and rewards of the procedure.

What are the Major Precautions for a Breast Lift?

Our experienced breast lift surgeons in Delhi perform breast lift procedures in both a hospital and an outpatient surgical facility. As discussed above, the procedure involves the use of sedation and local anesthesia to numb a part of your body. In some cases, we may also general anesthesia to render you unconscious, if requires. Here are some other mandates of a breast lift surgery:

Schedule a mammogram: Our doctors usually demand a baseline mammogram before proceeding ahead with the breast lift. It is further following by another mammogram after a few months. This way, our medical team decides if you are an ideal candidate for a breast lift.

Stop smoking: Smoking is dangerous, especially if you are considering surgery. In the case of a breast lift procedure, smoking tends to decrease blood flow and can slow the healing process. If you smoke, your doctor will recommend that you stop smoking before surgery.

Avoid certain medications: Talking about the procedure-specific precautions, our doctors will advise you to avoid certain medications such as aspirin, herbal supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs, which may increase the risk of bleeding.

Be Prepared for Certain Arrangement: When it comes to arrangements, the first thing is to have someone to stay with during the surgery and drive you home after the successful surgery. You would also need caretakers to help you during the recovery period.

Maintain a healthy weight. Breast lift is all about maintaining a healthy weight. Therefore, make sure you follow the base rules like making healthy dietary changes and participating in regular physical activity or exercising regimen.

Avoid sexual activity for the initial weeks post the breast lift: Our doctors will suggest you the period after which you can resume daily activities and sexual activity as well. So, make sure you follow the advice.

How Should I Take Care of your breasts Post Breast Lift?

Every individual going for a breast lift may have a different recovery experience, depending on his or her age, genetic history, health condition, and other relevant factors. 

But, there are some general dos and don’ts that the individuals should adhere to following a breast lift to ensure a speedy and smooth recovery:

Do’s for Breast Lift

Our doctors will suggestions to the following important “do’s” while you were recovering from the breast lift procedure:

  • Do wear a supporting compression bra that is similar to an athletic bra as it puts gentle pressure on the breasts and helps minimize swelling.
  • Do keep your incisions dry, dry, and properly bandaged. You will also receive advice to avoid showering and take sponge baths instead until the incisions heal.
  • To ensure you allow sufficient time for you to recover. 
  • Start taking slow, short as soon as you begin feeling better. 
  • Do control your salt intake and stay well hydrated. Hydration helps prevent constipation after surgery.
  • Do ask your doctors about how to manage post-surgery scarring. Our expert plastic surgeons in Delhi may suggest techniques or products to help accelerate scar healing.

Don’ts for Breast Lift 

  • Don’t sleep on your sides or stomach as it will put pressure on the healing breasts. Alternatively, you can sleep in a recliner or prop yourself up on pillows.
  • Don’t apply too much power or lift anything heavier than 2-3 kgs as it could strain your healing breasts and cause or increase swelling. 
  • Don’t smoke as it compromises the healing ability of your body.
  • Don’t consume alcohol for some weeks following the surgery as it may lead to fluid retention or dehydration.
  • Don’t forget to ask our experienced cosmetic surgeons about the next follow-up meeting.


Augmentation means addition or enlargement. Women with smaller breasts consider breast augmentation for making their breasts bigger. On the other hand, a breast lift is a breast tightening procedure that makes your breasts look firm and youthful. 

Yes. Our expert plastic surgeon in Delhi can perform either a single procedure or a combination of both, depending on her breast profile and your expectations.

Yes, you can breastfeed after a breast lift, provided the nipples are left attached to the underlying breast tissue. In some rare cases, a breast lift may involve the removal of large amounts of excess skin. In these cases, our plastic surgeons may first have to remove the nipple and then place it back through grafting. Therefore, it is important to tell our surgeons in pre-surgery meetings if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding.

We don’t advise that a woman’s breasts undergo drastic changes during pregnancy and after pregnancy, which may affect the results of a breast lift surgery. So, our experienced cosmetic surgeons in Delhi may ask you to wait for the surgery until pregnancy. And of course, the breastfeeding period is over. It is important in the view that you may not want to have revisionary surgery.

Make sure you are very clear about your goals in terms of breast size and shape when you speak to your doctor before the surgery. 

Recovery time typically depends on the amount of skin removed during the procedure. Most women can resume work within 2 days to 14 days following the procedure. While you can do the sedentary work within 2—5 days, heavy lifting may take around 14 days. However, the real-time is dependent on the amount of skin removed and the patient’s comfort level with the degree of tightening.


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